Wi-Fi solution for enterprises

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Wi-Fi solution for enterprises

Keep the network secure while offering easy access for guest Wi-Fi. Kloudyy delivers consistent users experiences and branding of the enterprises. Allows employee to update the fields of captive portal. Kloudyy offer a secure and easy method to access for long-term and Bring-your-own-device service. Just connects with the devices, enter all the details and cellular phone number in the captive portal. Employee will gets a one-time password via SMS, which can also be activated by a simple click on the embedded URL.

Captive portal is a business communication tool. With Kloudyy System, anyone can make updates to the portal of the admin side which is provided. Those pictures that are defined as editable in the template can easily be changed. Let your local receptionist send a welcome message to an important visitor. Provide local information such as maps of the campus. You can make these changes all the way down to a local office area. And, even admin can generate the reports through the portal on the daily bases or monthly bases whatever is suitable.

Our guest Wi-Fi solution is, based on both ways either Cloud – Based or Primises – Based supports all the registration and login methods. SMS one-time password, vouchers, e-vouchers, e-mail verification, long-term accounts and different payment methods. Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) services. This will improve the user experience and control of the bandwidth.

Benefits of Wi-Fi solution for enterprises :
1. Security: Deploy a Wi-Fi network that understands applications and can segregate traffic as required.
2. Flexibility: Use enterprise devices across all facilities and locations.
3. User control and visibility: Get in-depth reporting to understand the top applications and devices in use on your network.
4. Cost control: Reduce the cost and complexity of your wired infrastructure. Identify staffing needs and technical expertise levels in advance to make installation easier.
5. Flexible configuration: Enable configuration over all locations, facilities and authentication levels with expandable configuration for remote workers.

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