Increasing Value for Hotel Beyond the Connectivity of free Wi-Fi

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Increasing Value for Hotel Beyond the Connectivity of free Wi-Fi

Hotel Guests carry 2-3 devices when travelling. 63% of travelers consider free WiFi when booking a hotel property. Hotels benefited from paid Internet services for many years. Some of them, especially high-end hotel operators still offer premium package for a fee. However revenue generated from Guest Wi-Fi is longer justifies WiFi investment. “While free WiFi can be seen as a cost, it is commonly established that giving guests the freedom to select your hotel is made much easier when you advertise a free WiFi service” –
Hotel guests demand for free, secure and fast Wi-Fi. Majority of hotel guests connect social network, watch videos on YouTube and use movie streaming apps.

Wi-Fi Analytics for Hotels

In hotel, software provides basic WiFi connectivity with user friendly login form. They provide very limited reports about guest analytics.Using Guest WiFi solution you can create different customer segments and engage them through various marketing channels such as push notification, social engagement, SMS and e-mail campaigns.

Monetizing Hotel Wi-Fi

Hotels can provide free Wi-Fi to promote their brands. Yet they can use Guest WiFi as marketing tool by providing Social login options. While guests connect to WiFi for free, they advertise their services on splash portal.Many hotels build a guest database through which they collect the guest demographics, likes on Facebook and follows on Twitter. By using Wi-Fi marketing software, hotels have better opportunities to engage with their guests.


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