Turn your customers & patients as feel happy


Make Them Easy To Learn and spend their time

  • Easy to Like and follow your Facebook page
  •  Guest or Patients feel happy and restful by surfing internet
  • Tag their friends increasing your brand visibility

Make It Easy to Stay In Touch

  • Advertising
  • Inviting  for events
  • Send coupons & other incentives
  • Reward repeat customers
  • Send surveys

When your guest registered, your system can track each time of guest re-visits. If your guest is not back in a while, you can shoot them the message with some special offer. For loyal guests, greet them with a special offer, during their visit!


Providing Wi-Fi with a single password is not safe for your customer’s device as you are signing him that you are wide open to attack!

How to use kloudyy

For Hospitals
For Hotels
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