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Kloudyy WiFi LLP is known as the startup company with a global reach. It is our mission to become the world leader in wireless solutions for the hospitality industry. By listening to our customers’ needs and providing them with best-of-breed, enterprise-grade equipment, unmatched 24 x 7 x 365 guest support, and our proprietary Network Authentication and  Monitoring System, we are able to implement quality wireless networking solutions that will ensure an enjoyable experience for all who use them.

Kloudyy  WiFi guarantees the High-Speed Internet Access Solution that we install on your property. We also provide Certification to ensure that we meet all of your brand standard guidelines through our onsite Brand Standard Compliance Review Process.



“At Kloudyy WiFi, it is our commitment to building a strong relationship with our customers through trustworthiness. The combination of our quality products, dependable installations, and 24 x 7 x 365 Guest Support Helpdesk enables us to achieve this goal and grow our business by helping you grow yours.”

~Puneet Khanna, Chief Operating Officer

Strategy Insight

Strategy Insight

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Staffs in focus

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Kloudyy's Vision

Kloudyy's Vision

Kloudyy was built on the concept of a thin, reliable, secure application or device which allows easy/fun access to local, cloud or virtual applications and cloud services.

Experts behind the Kloudyy


To provide our clients the very best in modern information technology that ensures them maximum success and revenue opportunities, while meeting the ever-changing communications needs of their customers. 


Our mission and intention is to offer the most innovative communication & entertainment equipment, services and support that exceed our client’s expectations, optimizes their revenue opportunities and which provides an unforgettable experience for their increasingly demanding customers.

  • Puneet Khanna
    Puneet Khanna Founder , Subject Expert
  • Vikram Shukla
    Vikram Shukla Project Manager
  • T V Ramprakesh
    T V Ramprakesh Wi-Fi specialist

Cloud computing is a great euphemism for
centralization of computer services under
one server. We do so.

Kloudyy , CEO.

Kloudyy. Inside Out.

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