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Cloud-based Guest Wi-Fi & Internet Solution

The Kloudyy Manage WI-FI & Internet Solutions enables a managed public network access for clients using wireless or wired network connections. The user will be presented a splash page or a login screen when first attempting to open his web browser. Once a valid login and password are provided, the user will be allowed internet access. This is ideal for hotel, school, airport, Coffee Shops or any other public places


Extensive user management is possible by making different user profiles, each of which can allow certain uptime, upload and download speed limitation, transfer amount limitation and more.

Daily Reports

Monitored & Metered Free Access, Pre-Paid plans & Post Paid plans can be configured on a per hotspot basis. Daily , Weekly,Monthly Report

Firewall And Logs

The AAA provides all necessary data and session records Online & offline for any legal or regulatory compliance requirements


No software installation or network configuration is needed, the hotspot will automatically redirect any internet browser request to the login page

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Guest Wifi only from 100 $ /per Month * (Quaterly Billing )

Already Providing Free Wifi to your End Customer ?

  • We can  Reduce load on infra and Internet B/w
  • We can provide Reliable Wi-Fi Usage performance.
  • Secure WiFi Access and DoT/TRAI Compliant (Govt Regulation of Public WiFI)
  • Self-registration portal
  • Co-existence of free & fee-based access
  • Open system that works with multi vendor and network deployment like Standalone,
  • Easy to manage hundreds of sites/users with limited IT staff
  • Customize login splash pages
  • User / Device Friendly Guest Registration
  • Per user bandwidth provision (Free / Paid / Self)

More Than Just A Dashboard

We’ve made the core components open-source – customize everything.

Cloud-based Wi-Fi solutions can efficiently provide user authentication, KYC & other
compliance, and accounting at scale across millions of users and hundreds of ISPs. Such
services will enable ISPs/TSPs and hotspot owners to achieve interoperability and
economies of scale

  • 24/7 Support

Unlimited storage and bandwidth

“At the core of today’s customer experience is


Scalability to fit your needs

Improve RevPAR Through WiFi Investments

Kloudyy guest WiFi solutions are designed to work extremely reliably in hospitality environments. This means they handle a large number of users and make connecting to the network simple. When compared to industry averages,  guests with Kloudyy-managed WiFi have 90% fewer issues connecting to the WiFi. Because fewer guests have issues, more are likely to provide positive reviews in surveys and review websites. Better reviews help properties maximize occupancy and room rates by increasing the perceived value for prospective guests.

24/7 secure monitoring

Fast, Reliable Guest WiFi with 24/7 Guest Support

boost your business

Kloudyy Hotspot Software is compatible with many kinds of routers, access points, and firmware.
  • Gold
    $70 monthy
    • One Month Report
    • Export to excel
    • SMS Pack / Recharges Portal
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They did trust

Our Vision is to be the trusted choice for managed technology solutions; we furnish our worldwide customer base with distinct business advantages by making technology easy, safe, and secure.

What Other People Say About us

  • When I started a business deal with Kloudyy through a demo by using the services for my college. I realized that I took the correct decision and with the help of the software I can easily analyze the daily report of the staff and the students.

    Tapas Hazra Praxis College , Kolkata (India)
  • “We had been losing a lot of revenue in OTP SMS  with our Guest Internet service until Kloudyy came in and implemented its Guest WiFiLAN solution. Today we are able to serve more than 1 Million Customer and grown by 200% and Kloudyy has been providing an excellent support. I would highly recommend their service to others”

     Mr M.Gopinathan (Apollo Hospitals Delhi and Noida , India)
  • I believe, one of the most important things about Kloudyy is that they work as a complete team and solve all the technical issues as one's mail is dropped and they deal with their customers very gently.

    Sunil Kumar Saroj Hospital , New Delhi (India)

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